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Free Credit Report – How to obtain it

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In the present scenario, people are toiling hard not just to survive but also to place themselves into a stronger financial state. To achieve that mark, you need to be sure of your own monetary condition as it gets kick start from this point. It is really essential to keep knowledge of your credit score which can solve lot of your purposes. There are several things that can be done in order to obtain a free credit report.

Now a day’s people have become conscious and alert and do not fall for things that come for free. People have already realized this fact that every single sellable item includes a cost which is extracted from their respected buyers by some way or the other. At times the cost is kept in disguise and on other occasion they are being overshadowed by the stringent terms and conditions.  

A brief on Free Credit

If you think of investments and credits, it is vital to maintain a high degree of reputation in the market especially when you wish to make use of your own finances. You may require credit at many stages of purchase from a car to the house where the credit score comes to effect very strongly. The higher is your credit score, the better options are expected to be in offer for you from the finance companies.

The justified credit reporting act necessitates each of the three end user credit bureaus to offer you a complimentary copy of your credit report every year. Before this act was initiated, a copy of the credit report could have fetched almost $10 each.

When you file for bankruptcy, the credit bureaus along with few other groups is expected to earn some quick profit just by selling your credit information to different employers, insurers, creditors and organizations would use the report to assess your financial standards and accordingly offer you purchases like insurance, hire a house or  get into a job .

You must always be aware of those agencies that have evolved from the search results of free credit reports and offers to sell you a credit report. In reality these organizations are nothing but frauds which aims at hitching people and make some quick bucks. These websites looks no different from the official site of free credit report which makes people fall into their trap so easily.

The way to obtain your own free credit report

The trade commission has created an authorized website for the people of United States to get easy access to a free copy of their credit report. Through the website of, you can get your yearly credit report online and it is completely genuine and safe as it is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The interest of the consumers is protected by the law and does not involve any cost. 

At the time when you make the request of a free copy of your report, please make sure to include all this information in the letter that is sent to the consumer credit agencies. The letter should include

•    Your name in full.
•    Your exact date of birth.
•    Do not forget to mention your Social Security number or provide a copy of the Social Security card.
•    Make sure you give details of your permanent address as well as your present address if both are different.
•    An identity proof that mentions your address as well as shows your photo. It can be your passport, driving license or any other government issued proof of identity.
•    You may also provide a utility bill, current in nature which would state your present address in case you have not been staying there for long.

After you receive your credit report, you should speculate through the details very carefully to avoid any kind of mistakes. The credit reporting agencies will also be there to offer you solution in case if there is any kind of discrepancies. But importantly, this report is quite limited in terms of the resources included in it and may not always serve your purpose.

You would surely get an idea of your current credit standings in the eye of the lender and you would know whether you are applicable to opt for any sort of financial assistance when required.

Without the credit report, you would be in no position to understand about your credit count which may matter quite severely at times of financial crisis. Most of the lenders seek this report so as to determine the value of loan that should be provided along with the time span for the repayment of the offered amount.