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Understanding FICO

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The terminology FICO came into existence in the year 1956 as an enlisted brand name of Fair Isaac Corporation. It is considered that the FICO scores are the perfect computation of credit hazards which are used in case of credit scores in all likelihood in the world. The achievements of FICO are made available through all the important user revelation agencies in and around the United States as well as in Canada.

The Company Profile

FICO, originally derived from Fair Isaac has a lot to state about whether you get a loan. FICO is the one of the successful credit scoring system developers who provides its clients with analysis based on prognostic mechanism for the consumer credit industry. The FICO score is a calculation done using three digit numbers which depends on an intricate arrangement of factors to decide the creditworthiness of a borrower. 

FICO’s logical and decision managing products and services take account of the candidates scoring for fiscal threats, insurers and documentation management products for monetary matter. The FICO includes consumers like the profit-making lenders, telecommunications service, health centers, insurers, credit card companies and the retailers.

Silent features of FICO

•    FICO is the translated adaptation of the company previously known as Fair Isaac, who is responsible in developing the scoring representation of FICO.

•    The range of FICO score varies from 300 to 850 and the estimation is completely based on specific data collected from all the three most important credit agencies individual reports. Henceforth, you have the scope to obtain three FICO scores, one for each of the credit agencies respectively.

•    Most of the international as well as nationalized banks takes their respective decisions on loan approval and provide credit for the candidates.

•    The FICO score is most widely used by the nation’s largest banks to make credit and loan approval decisions for applicants.

•    The FICO score of yours usually depends on five crucial pieces of information and they are the form of financial records you have, the span of time you have had the credit, your state of debt, the number of current credit applications and the regularity of your bill payments

•    You can even enquire about your Trans Union and Equifax FICO scores by going to the website of But remember, you would not be able to purchase your FICO score that is based on the information of Experian credit report.

FICO Score

A FICO score gives you all about the credit count which initially came out as a resultant of the credit model created by Fair Isaac Corporation. The FICO credit count is well known and recognized credit scoring system in the whole of United States and an edition of the FICO score which is assessed using all the three foremost credit groups from their collected data. When the FICO score is on the higher side, it specifies better credit and at times when the score would be less than 600, it is considered to be poor.

An important way to measure the credit score of FICO is to review the past payment regularity. Another significant constraint in the FICO score models is the proportion of credit limit used which is subjected towards penalization for using the available credit beyond a certain limit. Combining these aspects it gives an accumulated weightage of two thirds in the course of influencing the distinctive individual’s FICO score. The other important changeable in influencing the FICO score includes the span of time behind establishment of credit history, kinds of credit being used, foreclosure, judgments passed by the court, insolvency and tax burdens takes a toll on the FICO score resulting into penalties particularly when it is current.

The utilities of FICO

The job of Global Business Consulting – The work of Global Business Consulting group assists you to take smarter and precise judgment through the investments made towards the FICO equipments, analysis and mechanism. The group is built up of more than 50 consultants who have already served FICO and its related industries. The skill and knowledge they put in so as to unleash the values that help you to make the most out of the investments in quickest probable time.

They provide services like,

–    Customer approach consulting
–    Financial credit & customer supervision consulting
–    Appointment consulting
–    Collections & recoveries consulting
–    Scam consulting
–    Methodical consulting

Training and Education – The education offered by the FICO products is practical learning on the products and services as well it is quite interactive. Other contributions include web-based courses, classroom courses, practical scenarios like client training, scheduling, user group seminar and educate the trainers programs.

Product Support – The product support provided by FICO is relatively speedy, precise and specialized methodological service that includes backing up sites and web-based support for your FICO scores and other related solutions.